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Welcome to our clinic, where we celebrate the uniqueness of each patient. During your initial assessment, we take the time to understand you personally, crafting a specialised plan to address your individual injury or concern.

Whether you’re on a mission to hit 10,000 daily steps, engaging in spontaneous activities like pain-free playtime with your grandchildren, or pursuing more specific fitness goals, we’ve got your back – and your shoulder! Our expertise spans a range of common sporting injuries, including tendinopathies, back pain, knee issues and shoulder concerns.

As an expert in sports injury rehab with strong connections to local GP surgeries, Sports clubs and Orthopedic consultants, I am dedicated to providing a personalised approach tailored to your needs, regardless of your age or activity level.

Your well-being is our priority, and we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality care to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.


Benefits of Physiotherapy

Get your body back on track with Physiotherapy! Physiotherapy is an effective way to restore strength and mobility, reduce pain, and improve overall physical wellbeing.


Why Choose Us

    • Relieve pain.
      We use different techniques to reduce and manage pain. These can include massage, joint mobilisation, stretching and exercise.


      Improve Range of Motion (ROM).

      Often, joint or muscle pain can limit the amount of movement your body can produce. 
    • Improve your Strength

      Through appropriate graded exposure to exercise we can help improve your overall strength and function for sport and every day activities. 


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